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Dressing Tips for Petite Girls

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petite girls dressing tips

Petite girls are classified as being under the height of 5’4, and not just girls who are slim and somewhat short. Any girl who is classified as petite will very well tell you how hard it can be to find clothes that fit them, but there are loopholes into finding clothes that are not only your size, but clothes that also fit great. So, stop going to the tailor, and start reading this article on dressing tips for petite girls!

Don’t Overlook Kid’s Clothes!

Yes, going to clothing stores that are for children may seem a little weird, but if you’re a petite girl, finding clothes that fit well can be difficult. Even if retailers have specific lines crafted for petite girls, it can still be a challenge. However, depending on the retailer, you could literally be walking by a goldmine, and not even know about it.

When shopping for clothing, look at the measurements instead of the sizing tags. With certain brands, the large kid’s sizes are actually interchangeable with smaller sizes for petite women and children, and will actually fit petite women perfectly. Even though it may be weird to buy clothing that’s made for children, it’s best to be clothed, period.

This tip also works well for shoes, as well. Boots, for example, in a kid’s size will not be as tall if you are not petite, but if you are, then the fit will be more proportioned!


Layering Up to a Perfect Fit

If your long sleeved shirt, for example, is too big and bulky in certain places, but fits fine everywhere else, strategically cover the places that don’t look right using another layer. You could use a sweater or a tank top over top to fake a comfortable, snug fit.

You Can Wear Maxi Dresses!

If you’ve felt that you’re too short to wear a maxi dress, then you’re dead wrong. The best way to wear, and rock, a maxi dress, is by being mindful of a roomy cut with the extra material. You can do this by balancing the entire dress out, should the bottom be to voluminous, by wearing a cardigan or sweater, for example, on top, that helps to fit and tuck things out smoothly to ensure that everything is evened out the way that it should be.

How Can I Make My Legs Look Longer?

If you’re trying to pull off a look that will make your legs look longer, color coordination is where it’s at. With a color scheme that matches, you can actually trick people into thinking you’re taller by using the colors to your advantage and creating a taller illusion of a longer line. You can do this by wearing shoes that match your leggings or your general skin tone.

It Does Not Have to Be Complicated!

Dressing as a petite woman can be a little difficult, but by following the tips within this article, you can use dressing hacks to your advantage, and even improve your look in various ways you didn’t think possible.

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