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What Dress for Which Occasion?

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If you have a closet full of dresses and a number of occasions coming up, it can be difficult to figure out what dress for which occasion. Certain occasions do have general rules for attire, such as weddings and job interviews, so it’s important to know what dress is appropriate for the specific occasion you will be attending.


As a guest, it’s a natural rule that you are never to outshine the bride on her big day. Therefore, do not go over the top with what you wear, keep it simple, elegant, and fun. A strapless style of dress is always a good choice, should the wedding be during the day. If the reception is during the evening, a cocktail dress is a better.

If you are unsure of what you should wear, or if you’re afraid of wearing something that may upstage the bride, ask the maid of honor or the mother of the bride, just to be positive that what you’re wearing is appropriate and proper for the occasion.


A Company or Business Party

If you don’t own a pantsuit and only have dresses, wearing one that is appropriate for a company or business party can be a little tricky. A cocktail dress with an elegant button up, light, sweater will do the trick perfectly. Shoes, preferably closed toe, that have a heel of three inches, at the maximum, will work perfectly with the dress, as well.

Remember, if you wouldn’t wear it to a strict family function, don’t wear it to a company or business party. Keep it classy, elegant, and keep yourself covered, especially if the party is a mixer with another company or business, as yours will have an image to uphold.


A Job Interview

If you are seriously unsure of what to wear for a job interview, and know that there is a general dress code at the establishment you have an interview with, call in and ask what is appropriate, or what their dress code is. This really shows that you have respect for the establishment and that your interest in the position you are implying for is legitimate and not just for the money, even thought that may very well be the reason.


Unless the company or business you are working for requires a suit and tie at all times on the job, don’t wear one for an interview. It’s inappropriate and will not look good on your part, even though you may be under the impression that it very well may be.


Otherwise, wearing dress pants and a blouse, for women, or a button up dress shirt, for men, should do the job just fine. This shows the interviewer, manager, whoever is interviewing you, that you clean up nicely and that you are willing to dress for the part just as much as you are willing to work.

No shorts, short skirts, ripped jeans, tank tops, tube tops, band t-shirts, or any other clothing that is considered inappropriate or unprofessional.

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