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Bikini Fashion Tips for Summer

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bikini tips for summer

Summer is coming up fast and right around the corner! Are you and your summer body ready yet? If not, then the following tips for bikini fashion in this article will ensure that you’re ready for anything and everything to do with bikinis this summer. Why be self conscious, when you could be fabulous and glamorous on the beach with your girlfriends?

The Latest and Greatest

The latest and greatest in bikini fashion has arrived! If you’re looking for the latest bikini trends for summer 2016, they’re right here.

bikini fashion

Summer 2016 Bikini Trends

Lace-up bikinis are one of the hottest bikini fashion trends for summer 2016, and it’s not hard to see why! With high waists on the bottoms and lacing on the sides for the tops, these bikinis take a spin on a plain bikini in solid colors and enhances your body’s shape overall. Others have lacing that goes across the chest, which gives a sexy, foxy appearance, while still remaining somewhat modest.

High waist bikini bottoms are also one of the hottest bikini trends for summer 2016, and are incredibly pretty when paired with a lace-up bikini top. A favorite color for high waist bikini bottoms on Runway Australia are a vibrant orange color, which are both flirty and fun, while adding some serious flair.

Bikinis with prints are also making a huge comeback, as well! Floral and tropical prints, for example, are some of the most popular prints for this season, and look absolutely great on any woman. Bikinis that have a retro design are also going to be incredibly popular, as well.

Being Beach Ready in 24 Hours

If your friends have planned a surprise beach day, and you were notified 24 hours prior to and only have that much time to be ready, don’t panic! If you’re body isn’t beach ready, there are quite a few last minute hacks that will ensure you’ll look dynamite and rock that bikini like the gorgeous model of a woman that you are!

No Sodium, Alcohol, or Carbs

Salt is public enemy number one when it comes to bloating, and is one of the sneakiest offenders around. Therefore, avoid all processed foods to ensure that your bikini body doesn’t come with a side of bloat. This also goes the same for alcohol, as it will cause you to bloat, as well. Instead, drink plenty of water and have that margarita tomorrow when you’re not in a bikini and flirting with guys at the beach,

Carbs are pretty self explanatory, but are the ones that you really need to avoid at all costs, except for high-fiber whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, and oats, which actually help to lessen bloating. Therefore, if you absolutely have to have a few drinks or something with salt, ensure that you eat something high in fiber to help combat the bloating. Probiotics are also perfect for battling bloating and excess gas, so make sure to pack some in your beach bag!

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