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Exciting Careers in the Fashion Industry

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fashion industry careers

There are so many exciting careers just waiting for you within the fashion industry. Some of the careers included in this article are to be expected, but some of the careers listed will actually surprise you, mostly because you generally do not hear about them enough, or because they seem boring from the other side.

Being a Model – Every Girl’s Dream

Though it’s incredibly hard to become a successful model, typically because a model has to have everything “right” when it comes to fashion standards, being one can actually be pretty fun and exciting at the end of the day. Though there’s endless work involved with being a model, it usually does all pay off. The contracts are great, the pay is incredible, you get chances to meet celebrities and other fabulous models, and the opportunities are literally endless.

fashion careers

Fashion Buyers – Getting Paid to Shop

If you’ve never heard of a fashion buyer or what they do, then prepared to be amazed. Fashion buyers literally get paid to guy shopping, predict all the upcoming trends, and supply the best items to be sold in certain stores based on their knowledge of business and fashion.

Fashion buyers typically work for high end web or physical shops that cater to celebrities, for example, and are always the first people to see new items from the top designers. They even receive only the best free samples, and overall have a pretty glam lifestyle attending fashion shows and mingling with high end models and designers on a daily basis.

Fashion Photographers – The Eyes Behind it All

Though it may seem boring to be a fashion photographer, it’s really anything but. Surprisingly enough, fashion photographers sometimes have a higher level of importance when compared to models, unless they’re Top Models, because they turn visions into a perfect reality. Fashion photographers have the chance to become incredibly famous, as well as becoming filthy rich, because of the work they do, without being tied down and only taking individual jobs the majority of the time.

Fashion Stylists – Creating the Dream

Fashion stylists are in charge of makeup, clothing, and hairstyles for all of the models that will be working in a fashion shoot, fashion show, or walking down a runway and showing off all of the most latest and great looks from the world of fashion. In the fashion industry, fashion stylists are generally the most popular, because they make tons of money, know what’s in style, what isn’t, and what you should generally be wearing for each season.

Fashion Bloggers – Those Behind the Scenes

Though fashion blogging may not pay as well as we would like it to, if you’re important enough in the fashion blogging world, you get invited to runways and all of the latest fashion shows. You can also get free designer goodies and even a chance to pick what you’d like to take home yourself, but, again, it all depends on how important you are.

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