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It’s Relatively New – Collection for Pregnant Women

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Muttonhead launched as an unisex clothing line for grown ups. As designer Meg Sinclair’s college collection in shortly after. There was a lot demand for a children’s range that she expanded the label to include designs for little ones. The brand has a casual, ‘outdoorsy’ aesthetic, with a lot of cotton tees and sweats in neutral colors like gray, maroon, navy, and blackish. While Sinclair has evolved the company from school project to a full fledged brand sold in 50 retailers worldwide, Muttonhead maintains a strong commitment to sustainability, similar to PO. P’s hand me down friendly approach. Slow fashion is important, as garments should’ve been made to last and worn for as long as possible.

As society is socially progressing regarding gender it was about time that children’s clothing saw this new trend of gender neutral.

My favorite out of the collections is Muttonhead. So article also states children until about age 11 sport identical body shape. Pink is no longer a girls color and hasn’t been since I was about in sixth grade. Make messes, and sport clothing for coverage and comfort, as the article states kids play. In my fashion retailing class my teacher mentioned that fashion is always changing to social cues, economic standings, and political likeness. Generally, so it is the perfect example of fashion reflecting a social revolution.


It was about time that children’s clothing saw this new trend of gender neutral.

It’s the fourth trimester! T-shirt dresses, Empire waist dresses, tunics and tops with ruching are all great options. Moms can be so self-conscious during those first few months. Rather than fitting tightly. Instead, we recommend wearing tops and dresses that drape over and away from your tummy. Of course, as comfy as they should be, sweatpants only make you look worse. Ruching and gathers are great details to look for. Nonetheless, you’ve gone from having a glorious excuse of a stomach to a deflated basketball. It doesn’t cling, the fabric should cascade over your body.

The key to looking put together is the right accessories.

Instead of studs, wear dangly earrings, since they brighten and bring attention to your face. Use your accessories as tools. Now look. Gauze, silk or cotton scarves are also stylish accessories that can add a pop of color to a plain grey top. Therefore this will hide your stomach. Choose longer styles that end at the top of your thigh. It’s a well while making you look slimmer. Longer necklaces either beaded or chains with pendants which end at your cleavage or lower. That can create an elongating illusion.


Remember that you don’t really have to go dowdy whenever it boils down to your underthings. It can be uncomfortable and unhealthy. Since it can hold in your stomach and hips and make you look smoother and maybe even smaller. Shape-wear like Spanx is great to wear for special occasions while you’re still losing the baby weight! Yes, that’s right! It’s crucial to get good undergarments that flatter you and don’t restrict your clothing choices. Known since they keep your tummy covered, there’re lots of really stylish nursing bras on the market, and nursing tanks can make you feel less weird about breastfeeding in public. Some shape-wear companies now even make pieces of clothing like leggings, pencil skirts and tank tops so you don’t even need special underthings. Just double-check whether there’s not a huge percentage of compression.

There can be a few things you bought while you were pregnant that you must continue to wear.

They’ll just make you look and feel pregnant and frumpy. Bring a certain amount your favorite pieces to a tailor to be sure they fit your properly, as soon as you’ve passed the in between stage. Besides, your rib cage expands and your boobs get bigger when you get pregnant. Anything will look better on you if it fits you well. Empire-waist tops and some wrap dresses may still look good on you. Should get donated to charity or passed to a pregnant pal.

Now let me ask you something. Investing in some new clothing, am I correct? ‘V neck’ or scoop neck that shows some skin elongates the neck, it doesn’t have to be deep or plunging. Two very big considerations are hemline and neckline. Since it can make you look shorter, she also recommends avoiding a calfor mid calf length skirt. That said, mid rise pants and jeans tend to be more flattering than ‘low rise’ and can keep you from exposing your tummy if you’re ‘self conscious’. Now please pay attention. Instead, look for hemlines that hit at or above the knee, or maxi skirts. Pay special attention to how well it flatters you. Decolletage is very sexy on a new mother.

Rather stay loose, other things to look for include cardigan-style sweaters that don’t close in the front.

Ankle booties with a low stacked heel, kitten heels or wedges that are about two and a half inches, will really make you look taller and make you feel more glamorous, take heels we know you’re carrying baby around and you don’t seek for to be teetering and tumbling. These pieces tend to flatter most body types.

It’s also a great idea to avoid trendy pieces or things you’re unsure how to wear. Purge. Generally, most people don’t know what to wear with them. High-waisted pants can be flattering on loads of people.


They’ll just slow you down, as much as you’d like to hold on to those things you rarely wear. OK, and now one of the most important parts. While getting ready in the morning now is nothing like what it was like ‘pre baby’, face it. Most women can do a lot more with a smaller, mightier wardrobe. Or you can’t determine the right pieces to put with it, skip it, if it’s not in your comfort zone. On top of that, you’ve got no time to sort through your closet, and you therefore it’s easy to find exactly what you need when you need it. Find ways to keep your accessories right in the closet use tie racks and hooks so you can see everything all at once while you’re choosing your outfit.

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