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Tips for Buying Wholesale Clothing

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clothing wholesale shopping tips

If you’re running your own business selling clothing that you have purchased elsewhere, and at wholesale prices, then it’s best to have knowledge in doing so, to ensure that you are always getting the best deals for resale value. Buying wholesale clothing decreases your expenses and increases your expenses greatly. As a small or medium-sized business, it’s important to have a proper game plan in place when it comes to your buying.

Remember the Minimums

Wholesalers will more often than not require a minimum amount of pieces of clothing bought if you’re buying at their wholesale price. For example, one distributor may require you to buy 100 articles of clothing, or else they will not sell to you, period. The best way to buy wholesale clothing to resell at your store, is to only buy distributors who do not have a minimum whatsoever. Even though you could be buying in bulk, it’s best to go with a distributor who does not require a minimum of items bought.

Forget About Being Stingy With Shipping

If you’re looking to cut corners and save on costs, don’t let it be shipping. Instead, pay the shipping required, and just add the cost to the prices of your clothing. Divide the total amount for shipping by the number of articles of clothing you bought from the distributor, and add the equation to the price tag for each article.

Always Know the Clothing You’re Looking to Buy

It may seem fun to have a clothing store that carries absolutely everything; from socks to underwear and bras, it may seem like carrying more of a selection will bring in more cash, but that’s not true. Instead of having a buffet of types of clothing to choose from, choose one, or two at most, especially if you are just building and opening your business.

Before you look at any wholesale distributors to purchase from, choose your type of clothing. From there, pick a designer, look at the selection they have, make a purchase, or move on if you’re not happy with what they’re offering.

Always Do Your Research Before You Buy

If you’re in the reselling business, doing your research on a distributor before you buy anything is the most important part. Look at the retail prices for the products that they are currently offering, and whether or not customers have liked them after they’ve made a purchase.

From there, crunch the numbers and calculate the total profit that you would receive off of one article, then multiply it by the amount of articles you’re buying to figure out the profit amount of buying wholesale and selling retail. If you’re not happy with the profit you’d receive, move on to either a different article that they offer, or a new distributor entirely.

Tips for a Successful Wholesale Shopping Trip

By following the tips listed above, you should have no trouble shopping wholesale to further sell at retail prices within your store. Before you know it, the profits will be rolling in!

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